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Tufo installation secrets...

So after my blow out last weekend of my wheel and Tufo, I got around last night to putting on my Tufo clincher/tubular. I realize some secrets after struggling like a muthafugga to get them on in the past.

1) Let them sit for a few days inflated when you get them.

2) Keep them indoors (especially in the winter) to allow maximum stretching.

3) If you get the chance, stretch them during the time that they are waiting to be installed. How? Literally let the air out, put your foot on the floor holding on to the tire and streeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetch them like an old school Jack Lalane workout tool. Careful to have the valve on the side not where your foot is or near your hands. I did this like twice in two days for like 3 or for minutes.

4) When it is time to install, start with the valve area like you would with a tire and tube.

5) Get the valve in and start by squeezing the tire between two fingers to seat the lips that attach themselves to the rim. Work this system of squeezing and seating those lips about ¾ away around the rim.

6) Things at this point start to get tight. You need to more or less stretch that remaining part of the tire you’re trying to get on the rim up and upside down…almost as if the tire tread is looking at the nipple wells of the rim (remember with clincher Tubulars you do NOT use rim tape).

7) Note that to get that last part up and over the rim as you are stretching, I learned a secret from Brandon at Boulder Cycle Sport: You use your toes! Literally hold the rim like you see here while stretching that bitch over the last part.

8) You then flip and roll that remaining part of the tire up and onto the rim.

9) You’ll note that it is not yet seated in the rim in that last remaining area. I inflated the Tufo to like 20PSI then squeezed and seated the lips of the clincher tubular all the way around the rim.

10) Done! In like less than 4 minutes. The stretching and pre-inflation over the foirst two days is the key.

Go big!

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