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Snow....and Product Reviews

So the Front Range got POUNDED the last few days with snow. This is old school "Storm of '77 " stuff for those of you old enough to have experienced the snow storm we got in that year growing up in New England.

It's been good being off bikes. Looking forward to starting to ride again though. Been running the Hogs Back which is out my door and riding rollers albeit low intensity. I'm trying to release some of that intensity-fitness and re-build again. Having fun though.

I *am* going to do that product review when I can get my act together. I experimented with a lot of things this year from tires (Tufo, Challenge, Michelin) to forks (Alpha Q 06 and 07), Frames (Rock Lobster and Scott Team Issue) to brake pads (SwissStop in particular) along with wheels (FSA 488 Carbon Fiber). There are things I'll change for sure next year but some things will stay the same (e.g. single rung 42 or 44). I'd contemplated going double ring 36/46 but screw that. Too many moving parts.

So stay tuned and Merry Christmas!

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