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OK, when is December 9th?

Jeeze Louise, get me outta this season (in one piece and without any further hemorrhage of body and wallet).

Today started off chillier than a well diggers ass. The drive down to Red Rocks Elementary for the second to last race of the season was a cold one (see left). Got there and parking was abysmal. I lugged three bikes today (almost needed all of them!). Both CX'ers and my single speed. Warmed up on the SS.

Snowy and icy when we first began. I got on Kiester's wheel at the whole shot in 6th and rode it for 2 laps until my first incident (crash on the backside before coming down to the driveway. Got up and motored but could not close the gap and waited for Clay. Clay dropped the hammer and said adios on lap 3 and I settled into a rhythm for a lap or so. By this time Tim F, Kiester and some other dude (s) and are irretrievable. Gone. I can see 'em, just can't get 'em. So, I settle in. Cruising the course in like top 10. I am bunny hopping that barrier in the back consistently. Coming around to set up to do it again around the back side by the pits and then WHAM. Crash again. This time lever bent and no shifting on my primary bike. Pedal my perturbed ass all the way around and drop it off and pick up my other bike. Get into a rhythm again and WHAM. Down again. Oh yeah, I forgot, I have 2 season old Tufos on that bike which are bald. Good idea in the snow Greg This time it's worse. Cut the living crizap out of my knees, one worse than the other. Ball game, bad guys. This is where I F up my knees and I am just watching dudes pass me without a care to chase them. I end up 14th and I am happy to be out of it with 'only' a $100+ plus Dura Ace lever (2nd this season), pair of leg warmers and a shit load of skin.

BUT!!! (There's always a but!): All is not lost. Rocky Mounts scored (count 'em) THREEE wins today (35 + 4's via David K, 4's via Zach W and 3's bay "The WB" himself, Ward B). NICE WORK!! I went from being a sad sorry beeatch for myself to being so proud and pumped watching my bros. It was like an an anesthetic for my brain to watch them suffer and suffer well. Especially ward who won by 52 seconds and had this AWESOME bogger saliva thing dripping from his frozen face to his jersey. Sick.

Some shots from today's 4's and 3's:

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