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Maxime Lefèbvre charged with hiding dope within his leotards!

Ha, kidding (but not about the doping). Not sure if you've ever seen this guy race. His neon orange helmet and totally strange tights (seen here) he'd always seem to wear could always be seen in the top 15 in the GVA's and World Cups a couple of season ago then he went underground.

This season I started to see is name in the results, never really factoring but still present (sans orange helmet this year thank God). Then this report. Roughly translated form Cyclocross info:

MIDDELKERKE - It does not look good for Maxime Lefèbvre. The Frenchman gained a nice sixth place today n the Noordzeecross at Middelkerke but forgot afterwards his responsibilities. The Flemish community sent the dope control to for the top ten racers. The list with the riders numbers was published and the racers by means of the speaker were informed to come and get tested but Lefèbvre apparently heard nothing. So, due to past 'issues', this appears to be the end of his career. In April 2004 he got a one year suspension for the use of Heptaminol, a stimulate, during a cyclocross in Raismes. A year after, he had not still presented to the UCI an account for his participation to another cross in Belgium. The Frenchman took part there during his suspension and did so illegitimately with a Belgian license. In spring of this year the Frenchman ended up again in competition. His absence on the medical control in Middelkerke will likely be expensive for him. 300 Euro fine plus a suspension are the useful tariff for that offense. So, if you look at his past, the future of this racer does not see already too rosy.

So I say give this freak show the boot. It's a shame for France who pride themselves on clean riders. Mourey will have to handle the load for teh French although Lefèbvre was like the Page of France focusing on cross and combating the Belgians. Guess he cracked, or his tights constricted the blood flow to his brain.

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