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Dream on...

So Joe S of Peloton Photo posted his pics today (thanks for letting me blatantly rip this one from the site Joe!). Fantastic pics and pretty dramatic setting. Check 'em out and support his cause by buying one of your shining (or muddy, saliva encrusted) mugs!

I saw one of me show boating since I already was in reverse after my debacles. Tim F asked me today if I could get higher. Button it, Tim. I needed to remind him that he should not burst my bubble when I am day dreaming of being Nijs:
So at lunch today, I bring my bikes to our sponsor Boulder Cycle Sport to change the broken levers out from yesterday. There I see some Michelin Mud 2's hanging from the wall....back lit as if sun rays from heaven were shining upon them to give me a sign.

Do I have coin to spend on tires with one race to go? No. Check.

Do I have a fear I am going down again on my Tufo's even if there is only a dampness on the ground? Yes. Check.

Am I a gear whore? Yes. Check.

Here's my ATM card, Dwayne.

Also some fantastic pics from Ward's better half Heidi:

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