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So this is probably old news to you voracious readers but I noticed that Joachim Parbo pulled out the "W" at his national champs. Why is this meaningful? 'Cause he is bar none one on the nicest guys I've ever met. Sincerely. He came to the Republic this season and stayed with Chris G to get immersed in the scene here and trained with us on the Wed AM workouts until he left to go back to the mother land and race the GvA's, SP's and WK's. Indeed he's a fast mo fo but super fun to dice it up with (when I could stay with him before exploding violently). His battles at the Rez with Wells, Baker et al were rad. Check 'em here:

(Can't access the exact album at the moment so search...).

In any event, "good on ya, Joachim!" Glad to see you'll be in the flag kit this year. Come back to Boulder!

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