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Mini Me

"Niels, you complete me."

Is it me, or is Niels Albert Sven's mini-me? This kid is going to shred the elites in the coming years and the guy, err boy, is only 20 friggin years old! Boom will be the Wellens of teh Sven generation. None of the U-23's can come within a minute of this guy and Niels continues to lay wood in the Elites. Funny thing is though, this guy has yet to pull on a set of stripes. Kevin babyface Pauwels and The Fidea Czech kid have nipped good o' Niels the last few years. Niels has got to chill out if he wants to be like his Maxi-me Sven though. If you get the chance, watch the U-23 races that usually preface the Elite races on your DVD's. Study this kid. He is a cry baby extraordinarie. I can barely watch him because he's too dramatic with "come on help me work up here" please and constant pushes to guys to clean his line. I'm an aggressive rider but the shit he pulls is horse cocky. Sven is like a machine. No emotion, just getting teh job done. take a page out of that Niels.

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