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Race fans! Live at Memorial Coliseum! SUPERCYCLOCROSS!

Yup. It's been moved indoors folks. 'Crossing in your local coliseum sharing weekends with backflipping FMX and the Poison/Ratt/Whitesnake triple headliner concert you've been waiting for.

Le Mans start! Just like the DFL's in San Francisco.

Sven of course pulled out the overall which was composed of shorter 'heats' which led to a 'main event'....just like super cross. Lots of crashing I hear. Those foolios better mind their P's and Q's before the WK's!

More pics here.

Reader Comments (1)

FYI: I woudl LOVE To see some video of this so if anyone sources any YouTube's etc, send 'em on! I want to see how creative they got with the course in such a confined space.

January 18, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterGreg

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