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Holy Shhh...nikees

Well, son of a beeatch:

OK, I can think of only one word: Dedication (or if I get only one word but allow interchange: Whoa). Our team mate and remote home boy TT got himself some ink. Some ink. Some very big ink. No, I did not doctor this with PhotoShop. Unbelievable. His note when he sent the pic was pretty friggin' compelling in that there is a boat load of history with our team (starting ages ago as a P1,2 team) and obviously lots of tight bonds over the years. The team was obviously pretty meaningful to this young impressionable youth.

Ahh, RM-Izze. The history, nostalgia. Good times. Good times. But no, I ma not compelled to get RM inked. Maybe some knuckle tatts thoough...Here's to ya TT. All new recruits to RM-Izze 07, please read fine print in your contracts related to obligatory ink moving forward.

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