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So I started this whole diary as an account of what it's like to plan for a year to get to Belgium. It's amazing how my heart has never wavered from the goal. Crazy focus.

The plan thus far:

January 12th 2008: Schriek Groot-Lo CX Belgium
January 13th 2008: Bakel 'Cross Bakel, The Netherlands
January 14-18 2008: Train/Eat/Sleep/Pinch myself
January 19th 2008: Master's World Championships Mol, Belgium
January 20th 2008: My birthday!...oh and Fort 6 'Cross Wilrijk, Belgium

Howie has been so gracious in allowing me such visibility into their experiences over the years racing in Belgium. Thank you my friend.

Now, back to focusing on some family, training, racing an work. Gotta maintain that three part teeter totter...

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