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Climbing intervals. Yum.

I'm getting back after it today. The WB and I did a nice recovery spinny spin yesterday but today I needed to get the engine ramped back up. The head cold is dissipating and the neck lymphs are going down. Good times. I will not be racing this weekend so I am getting in a bunch of heavier training which I am psyched for. All that climbing this summer seems like a distant memory but it comes back right quick when you hurl yourself up a mountain. Feels good.

I jammed some Lee Hill repeats today. Lee Hill is literally next to my house and is a well known training 'institution' here in town used to bench mark fitness. Big Mig himself came here in the 90's with Banesto and used Lee Hill as a training simulation for (I think) the 1994 TdF's uphill time trial. If you stop by U-Bikes here in town, they will give you the low down on his visit.

So, climbing this AM got me to thinking. What is this hill? What do I feel like when I am trialing it for bench marks? Let me sum it up this way:
Wednesday World's tomorrow. See you there!

Reader Comments (2)

It seems like yesterday I was able to roll out of my house (Broadway & Linden) and over to Olde Stage and Lee Hill for some good times. How I miss having my legs torn off repeatedly. People in KC just don't believe me how steep Olde Stage is (both directions have their pluses and minuses, pick your poison).

October 23, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterKal close! Let me know whenever you come back 'home'. We'll have you over man!

October 24, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterGreg

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