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The Wed Morning Cross World Championships...2007 No. 6

God, I love this town. Wednesday AM 'cross throw down was in effect today. Big big big big group. Conservatively 55-60. Elks and North Boulder Park (although pics below are not in that order).

Today only saw session 1 of 2 on my docket. I love these training sessions cause I can have fun, work super hard but try out lots of things. Today I played with some racing strategy changes and tried out various things which my body seemed to like. Power ramped up consistently, evenly and more powerfully at the end which is what I wanted to feel. I didn't have to bury myself today so I flowed and stayed clean and thought clearly about what I was trying out. I placed well in Session 1 with the top 10 including Brandon, Pete, Will, The WB, Troy, Danny, some others with Pacocha and Sager flowing in with me. I was super satisfied with the experiment.

People are stoked for 'cross this season. Happy faces and lots of fitness going on. It is way different than years past where you'd have hard men like Gully and Travis gone off the front, and a couple of hacks (like me!) trailing along with their tongues wagging. 07 seems like its the year of cross. These sessions are now one looooooong line of crossers fairly evenly trained together or 20 minutes or more. Conversations I've had with lots of these folks prove that 'cross is literally 'it' for them. No more road racing, maybe an MTB race now and again but cross is their core and it's anticipated all year round. Not unlike the rest of the country's growing hot spots. Bike manufacturers have taken step is parks and rec advocacy! We need the dedicated places for this MASS of people who are so passionate.

Anyhoo, good day today.

Digital Celluloid:

Lucas...came with Shimano Dura Ace shoes and pedals on the MTB. Nice.

The Gremlins attacked Taro's tires today.

Stephen looking stoic.

Hup hup.

Pete hunting down Brandon.

Nice form Troy.

Boups getting his porting on.

More hup hup.

Lane getting the hup hup on.

Baker on his way to Belgium. Good luck, hombre.

Me and Danny

Za crew.

Rocco (2)!

Baker sharpening up.

Holy yum. Belt drive, baby!

Capt Will.


Troy and The WB.

Some video:

Reader Comments (3)

Hi Greg! My e-mail address is I look forward to talking with you about the parks and rec stuff.

October 3, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterCat Johnson

cheejus...doesn't anyone have a frickin' job? hah! just can't get enough of that WB mullet, baby. need to take some good photos for 8x10 glossies that he can hand out at the races.

October 3, 2007 | Unregistered Commenterhixson

Looks fun. In SF we'd be arrested for vandalizing the grass....Evan

October 4, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterAnonymous

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