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Cross Racing Week 4 (Race 2): Chugga chugga, choo choo.

Chugga chugga. The freight train is a comin' around! Good news to report. That in a moment.

Today was Race 2 of the Frisco back to back weekend of cross. The weather on BOTH days was gorgeous. Yes, a bit windy but insanely beautiful up in Summit county. The weather was tracking to be epic, but as I am learning, Colorado weather....especially mountain absolutely schizophrenic.

After the race yesterday, Brandon Taro, Bobby, Harris, Bliss and a few others rallied for a "recovery" dinner of a couple-a beers and eats. We celebrated B's win, ate up, then went back to T's casa for some feet up style recovery. We woke up this AM to sun and 16 degree weather but we knew it would be excellent. The sleep came fitful. 6 visits to the bathroom last night to pee. At that altitude (9+K), the heart rate climbs and the pee just gets squeeeeezed out of you. We woke up to an unbelievable view with not a cloud to be seen.
To prep for the race day, T made Brandon and I INSANE pancakes and one of the sickest Cafe Americanos I've ever had. It would be this that fueled the day.

Taro. A PhD Master Barista.

Holy crap these were good.

Dubba obsessing over the Sox score.

We headed over to the Nordic Center again to pre ride. The course used some of the same features as yesterday but decidedly faster. No climbs to attack per se. Lots of very high speed flats and technical switches which worked out well for me. I warmed up nicely with leg warmers but went with some Freddy's and naked skin today, The weather was warming in the mountain sun.

Dean from the ACA was back again today to announce call ups (I was in 14th after Saturday's 9th and got 2nd row today). We had about 30-35 in the field to start. He got us squared away and shouted out...

15 seconds gentlemen...then silence...then: GO! We're off again up the same exact pave climb to fire road. We are grouped tightly and watching each other closely. I got into 10th on lap 1 and sat in feeling great. This crew of 10 rolled the first lap together in a train. Timmy was on it again after his W yesterday. If he's in the race, any race, it's essentially his to lose. Timmy gradually applied the pressure and splits formed on lap 2. Lap 3, Phenecie amazingly bridged from my group to the chase behind Timmy and then to Timmy's wheel. Impressive Chris. Even with that crap in your lungs man. Kudos.

The race then became a throw down of much smaller groups of like 2 or 3. I dropped some guys and some would drop me. Now, repeat that like 5 times. Again, like a knife fight. It was truly exciting racing and I felt it even as I was in it. You'd could have either end up 4th....or 15th. It all depended on how you played it. very tight.

By the last 2 laps, two strong Green Mountain Sports boys bridged up and double teamed me. One would go, the other sit in on my wheel....and repeat. Truly, it was awesome. They did their tactics with class and I respect that. We were THROWING down! It was fun to be railing with these guys.

By the bell lap Dave Towle was going INSANE on the hi fi for us. I am battling with these Green Mountain guys and Jared and Josh are SCREAMING to bridge to us. I could hear Jared's Ritchey Carbon freewheel through the corners and that motivated me to get up and sprint out of the corners to keep the gap. It was a tight race for top 5. I got the shit stick and the Green Mountain boys worked me nicely and I settled for 6th. I tried to shake them but it was so evenly matched between us, they simply had more matches left than me and took me within 100m of the line.

No complaints! I feel like I am back to where I should have been to begin with and just need to apply the consistency model and keep the training going. My diesel engine hopefully will ramp up and on in the coming months. I am having so much frickin fun it's mad. The group is really nicely balanced this for Timmy who again is beginning his campaign to toy with us!

Lastly, Jared, YOU WILL BE MISSED man. Best of luck on your journey. You are a kindred spirit, man.

Photo unashamedly robbed from North Carolina's The Wah Report.

Frisco Day 1 Photos are now up at Joe's PelotonPhoto.

Reader Comments (3)

rock on bro.. thanks for the memories

keep the dream alive

October 7, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterJared Roy

Hey Greg, Just wanted to let you know that the Title Nine women's bike race team loves your blog! (We heard about it when we came to the cross clinic you subbed for Brandon when he was in Vegas). Thanks for the great Frisco write-up and pics, and for contributing your writing talents for the betterment of our local cycling community.

October 8, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterJayme Otto


Wow, that is the RADDEST comment! Thanks so much! It was great to meet you all at the clinic and I hope I was able to articulate something to y'all! Get some more of those Title 9'ers out there, sister. We need us some more Georgia Goulds and Katie C's playing in the mud.

'Cross on!

October 8, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterGreg

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