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Digital Celluloid of the Redline and Boulder Cups

The WB's (way) better half fired up her new DSLR and grabbed some fantastic pics of last weekend's races. Here's a re-cast:

The Redline Cup @ Boulder Res

Stoic and poised I stand at the Res...before the bombs went off

Jeff C's Wife captured AWESOME pics like that above. This is one of his faves....and obvious because of the rippling quads he's busting. Show off...
Another Jeff C pic

And another Jeff C pic.

A little of the hup hup through the sand at the Res

If I could have, I would have been sucking my thumb crying for my 'happy place'

Brandon doing a litte of the Braaaaap through the sand at the Res
Jeff C's lady caught this one of J-Pow. Check out the front clincher.

The Boulder Cup @ Harlow Platts

The WB showing Tim Johnson-esque porting form at the Boulder Cup

Me a little back back when things weren't feeling so bad

What you can't see here due to the protection of my chamois would have made most people sick

Oh my God...I'm going backwards

...and backwards...

....and backwards....

....and finally backwards...until my jaw bone felt like it was going to never be able to hinge again due to my clenching.

Troy getting 'er done. Dude, eat some food you skinny beeatch.

Corey at the office.


Like above, J-Pow giving that rear Dugast 'just a little tap'.

Brandon showing some of that nice form to his Top 10 placing at the Boulder Cup

Reader Comments (2)

yeah the J-Pow's clinchers both totally bottomed out on the barrier, even with just the slight love tap. would be a bad place to pinch flat.

sounds like you had a good race Saturday. rock on! decided to ride singletrack one last weekend, even at almost 10,000'. hopefully we get some snow, it's just not right this time of year.

November 12, 2007 | Unregistered Commenterjeff

if that's a tap...

November 13, 2007 | Unregistered Commenterjsager

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