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I am a slacker as of late thus the lack of posts! Plus, I do not want to be a continual whiny bitch in my posts which I am unfortunately turning into a little bit these days...but I'm always trying to find the silver linings to the crappola and write about that, whilst the smelly and hay encrusted bullshit howitzer shells are being salvoed at me, over me and around me. I'm tired of writin' it, you're tired of readin' it! So, let's move on, shall we?

Looks like Co Springs was a dirt crit yesterday. Good on ya guys who got out there. Super small fields. I want to hear some reports!

While the dirt crit was going on, WB, Weber and I communed with John G, Freeride Zach Greg P and Rocco up in Nederland. Dave Hix and Rob S showed up JUST after we had left. Sorry guys!! Oh God. It was dee-lish. We got lots of the braap braap in on all the old favorites. We were trading paint, pulling epic wheelies. table-ing and snaking through monumentally gorgeous single track like little boys. No start whistles, embrocations, tension, goat heads, rolled tires. Just smiles.

Did I bring my camera? Yes. Did I leave it in the car? Yes again. Beat.

The Moots performed like a bag of bolts. I literally hung it up on the wall after the last short track over the summer and have bene riding my 1 x 1 ever since. I think I had 3 maybe 4 operative gears. Probably enough! But, was annoying as shit. On this steep rise coming out of a river gully, I stepped on it and...PING!...chain blows right off and throws my knee cap into the Thomson stem. Son of a BEEATCH! Standing right there is this older, totally mellow core MTB'er. He asks if I am OK, I grunt a somtehinsomethin and like he knows something I don't, reaches out and hands me his chain tool. I reach in to my bag and as I am doing this, realize exactly where I left it mine...on my work bench in my car hole.

Serendipity. I think it was Jesus himself intervening to me. Or maybe just a smart old hippy looking at a dumb ass Boulder-ite with limited tools.

So it was just epic with the RM Mafia up there at 9K. The snows will be coming....some day....and it was good to do the silent stuff with my homies. It was a re-set button for sure.

Re-calculate. Re-calibrate. Re-set wheels on tracks. Re-set. Re-charge.

Reader Comments (4)

Cool post.

Sometimes I wonder whether racing drains some of the fun out of cycling. I wonder whether all of the work I am doing to try to be in the top 10 in the C races (ha ha) is worth all of the good touring and MTB type rides I am giving up...


November 19, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterDB

Whatup DB!

Honestly, I am probably the worst resource at this particular moment to listen to, but my meager advice is: don't deviate now from those goals!....especially if there is a burning ember of fun in them. You can even equate fun with intrigue as it relates to a sort of "Wow, I think I am improving..." sort of feeling. Honestly, never....and I mean ever....laugh at your category! Especially if you are just getting involved and figuring yourself and the sport out and where you fit in it for now and what you want to do. Everything is relative (where relative = time = sacrifice + skill + genes + goals + work = your category) and it is about what you want to do personally. The single most important thing is to set realistic goals. But don't equate "realistic" with easy/sandbagging goals. Thats bunk! It may be top 10 in the C's...or hell, not getting lapped! Seriously it is all about where you feel you need to be.

For me, especially as of late, where I've felt I needed to be was in the woods! Not on a race course.

OK, so there. Chew on that and swallow what you donlt need and digest any nuggets that work for you. I'll do the same!

November 19, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterGreg


November 20, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterAnonymous

RSTEVE!! Whatup man! If you are a reader of my blog I can HAPPILY retire! Sweet!

It is inconceivable that we never got to ride this season. That, my friend, was my bad.

Let's hook it up soon man!

November 20, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterGreg

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