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Nascar at the Koppencross

This is an AWESOME little video clip of the Koppencross highlights from today. I still do not know if I am in love with the 07/08 UCI points leader uniform, this year modeled by Sven in a fairly pedestrian blue. I was down with Sven's perennial vertically striped UCI leaders jersey which essentially has been his for 10 years. If you read the Cycling News coverage of the race today, Wellens pulled back Nys and bridged up in what sounded like a throw down last two laps, only to get dropped like a bad habit by Sven the Cannibal on the bell lap. The sequence where Bart bridges back at the crest of the Kopp and Nascar's into Sven to take the line back onto the hill traversing the top of the field on the Kopp is classic. You go Bart.

I can not wait to get my first shipment of DVD's Joe! Oh, I owe you some casholine, don't I?

Reader Comments (2)

Keller, noticed you have a cyclo-porn fetish as well. Dont know if you've seen this site:
but this guy has tons o'stuff. I also have a few bootleg copies from a friend who gets a feed straight from a guy in the land of Cross - Belgium off of Sporza.

November 2, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterBolivar

I was more impressed with Bart Wellens getting launched over the bars and coming oh-so close to being able to re-mount a still rolling bike. Still, having a spectator reach over and keep the bike upright for Wellens was a pretty humorous sequence.

November 4, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterBobke Strut

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