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Happy Birthday Mud and Cowbells

November 28th, my faithful M & C readers, this blog celebrates its one year anniversary. Man, what the _ _ _ _ happened to the year!? Where has it gone?!?! I was checking in on Radio Freddy's a few days ago and noticed his beautiful site's one year anniversary which reminded me to look back in the annals for that very first post. Holy crappola! November 28th 2006!

What M & C is, is nothing more that an electronic scratchpad I wanted to start as a personal journal. That's what blogs are, right? So I made it into sort of a day to day thing documenting my experiences on quasi daily basis of what being a husband, daddy, worker and bike racer is about from the balance perspective....with the intent that come hell or high water, I would get my ass to Belgium...going to church so to experience what 'cross really is.....or maybe I know what it is and want to know from where it came. Whatever the case, more often than not, it was a place to digitally scream to something. Unfortunately you are all the victims of my rants and absolute psychoticness.

But, crazy psycho episodic rants aside, EVERY single good thing in my life from the time I was 5 years old derived from bikes, cross included and hopefully this Belgium goal a continuing extension of it. Literally, everything is linked together through bikes for the last 30+ years in this sort of beautiful unfolding tale that I am also enamored with when I reflect on it:

  1. Learn how to ride a bike at Ted Stoica's 4th birthday party, 1975
  2. Get my own bike in kindergarten that year and begin my obsession.
  3. Create a bike gang of 5-8 year olds. We are the Thunderbirds.
  4. Start dirt jumping with the T-birds Evil Kneivel style in elementary school
  5. Learn to race BMX (decently) and ride ramps (badly) in middle school in the early 80's and gt my first racing license (an NBL license if you remember that!). Eddie Fiola is my hero.
  6. Learn dad gets job transfer summer before I start high school in mid 80's. Parents bribe me with a Shogun racing 10 speed because this guy Greg Lemond is doing things over there in Europe and "10 speed bike racing" is getting cool.
  7. The Shogun gathers dust while I revert back to my GT Pro Performer and start riding around the streets of NJ and BMX again becomes a proxy for meeting new peeps
  8. Race more, jump more meet absolutely CORE people.
  9. Go to college in the late 80's and learn about this thing called 'mountain biking'. I learn its a big BMX bike.
  10. Drink incredible amounts of Piels and Gennesee Light and get fat.
  11. Get inspired by Chris by senior year to go and ride ride ride
  12. Graduate and flounder and move to Cape Cod, get my own MTB and ride every day. No shirt, no helmet, Hi-Tech hiking boots. I get tan and get back to some fitness.
  13. Finally get embarrassed enough that I need to get a job, move back from the Cape and find one in NYC. I slave all week and blow out the weekends up and down the East Coast racing MTB's
  14. Grow the obsession. Start buying magazines with pretty pictures of radsters in CA riding insane MTB's reading them cover to cover on the subway to and from work and.
  15. Start using this thing called the internet in the mid 90's and find this bike guy in CA called "Rock Lobster" and get info on his bikes.
  16. Get obsessed with Rock Lobster and Bontrager bikes and decide California is the place I ought to be so I loaded up the truck and I move to ah...SF
  17. Move to SF, buy a Rock Lobster (actually many...) and find Mecca in Marin and Santa Cruz and meet a group of people who are literally family now...with no less than THREE marriages spawned by our group meeting an connecting
  18. Then meet my beautiful (now) wife. We ride into the proverbial sunset....
  19. Race more, work more, grow more and learn of something called 'cross in 96.
  20. Meet the most amazing bike freaks and they become brothers and sisters.
  21. Cross more. Including wearing a dress while doing so.
  22. Procreate and yield two little Irishmen.
  23. Decide that Boulder might be a better place to raise them thar kids (that being the guise for a better 'cross scene) and we made a decision in a weekend and move.
  24. Meet the most amazing bike freaks and they too become brothers and sisters...
Get the pattern?

So Belgium. Now do you see? It's like No. 25 on this growing list of things that have so expanded and enriched my life and those around me. It also was a goal to help me laser focus on something during this year...a year I KNEW would be turbulent and it materialized that way. Remember that scene in Star Wars (the original one....not the computer animated shit), when Luke is in the X Wing and needs to drop that bomb in that tunnel to blow up the Death Star and the commander over his head set is shouting "Stay on target...stay on target...". Well, that's what Belgium has been. Belgium (or the promise of getting my act together to go was that little control tower voice helping me to push day by day...for bad or for worse. Creating new channels in the universe and exposing me to what I hope will be the truth about our sport.

I will be sure to blog it.

Thanks for reading. Thank you my beautiful wife for this experience.

Reader Comments (2)

That's awesome Greg! Thanks for writing!

November 27, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterAnonymous

Greg - Thanks for the well wishes over at BKW and I wish you the same. A year seems like a short period of time - until you look back at all the posts and the time they took to create. Here's to the next year and those after. Your blog provides a great escape for me.

- RF

November 28, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterRadio Freddy

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