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Back on it....

So Brandon, Troy, Matt, Amy and a few others actually made it out for the 'final' Wednesday Worlds. Yours truly was absent. Honestly, it is now Wednesday night and my big toes are STILL numb from the freeze fest at CO States on Sunday. Definitely better but this is the closest I've come to serious frost bite...ever. It blows.

But, I pulled up the big girl panties and got on with the training today. I worked from 6:30 AM to noon for a lunch time training session at the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine. What an incredible facility and I am so lucky to live in a town where such core facilities like this exist.

Today it was me, a Triathlete Will, Justin England from Toyota United, and our coach for the session, my team mate and coach to Taylor Phinney and Jon Baker, Neal Henderson. I actually raced against Justin as a 3 back in the Bay Area. When I say 'race' I mean happened to have signed up and pinned a number on the same race Justin was at (and probably won). What an incredibly nice guy.

Neal had a nice time trial set up for us on the Computrainers which consisted of a 45 minute effort on a rolling course. He gets us all squared away calibrating the Computrainers and gets all my body dimensions and wattage averages. I tell him somewhere in the 325 to 375 range.

So we get going and all is well for 1/2 way through the profile. In fact, I feel great. Then, like the floor drops out, things get....hard. I am pinned at 186 bpm and losing my composure. I'm getting all fidgety on the bike as this shit is capital H hard. Towards 40 minutes I'm like: "Dude, I can not turn the pedals." Neal says, "Uh yeah, you said between 300 and 375, right? Just hit that blue button a few times to reduce the wattage." Ahhhh. Now I can spin! Ha! I dunno what I was putting out but basically those guys were on a road bike profile while I was turning the pedals as if going through axle deep mud. Live and learn....

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Hey we missed ya on that stupidly frigid morning...

December 19, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterAmy Dombroski

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