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RM 2007 Kickoff

Well, we finally got this thing together and launched! Herding kittens through a door simultaneously is a pretty complex endeavor but the team managers and I got the sponsors, kits and everything else lined up and ready for last night's kickoff. We had a great turnout with the majority of the racers and lots of their wives and kids. The agenda was to lay out the ground work for next year in terms o goals which amount to supporting our devo and women's squads who'll be making a run for it and allowing teh men's categories to break up into their groups by various categories (e.g. Cat 35-4's, 4, 3, 2/1 and of course 35 Opens) to allow each to meet new riders and see friends from last year and share a couple of Dales Old Chub's to talk through what their plans are for the upcoming season. Most of us see each other regularly but this winter has put a damper on things! The sponsors play a major role as well to help us out. Lance G (above) and crew from Izze came by to talk about the company and product which is quite an amazing story of how their "Project Reach" is helping build schools where Izze harvests the fruit used in their beverages. Awesome story and proud to have them as a title sponsor.

All-in-all, I was proud to look across the room last night at the wonderful faces and review the rich history of the squadra. We're going to have aboat load of fun this year and we're stoked!

Here's to 07.

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