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Single'n in the mucky muck....

The team did a road ride today but after the piss rain ice snow dusting we got and woke up to, this AM, I said no thanks, smiled and called up my team mate who I knew would be jonesing for a single spin. Brad and I hooked up a mini epic that saw us do some fairly heavy climbing (about 4K) going from No Bo up Lee Hill and traversing up Bowman's to Sunshine to Poorman's to some more epic shit. Multiple hours of bliss. It was rad.

I spent some time reworking the single and I can not envision riding any other bike. I've had this frame since 96 ( no poop) and gave it some love with some super stiff cranks and BB, wheels, brakes etc. I am running a more sensible 32 x 16 gearing on this which is just climb-able although the watts must be out of hand I am pushing. My weekly training has been going great and all the wight work I have been doing made me feel super human today even with a slight cold. The irony of the crap weather we have had is all the core I have been doing which is such an afterthought around these parts as the weather is typically like buttah. Even in February.

Anywhoo, for you bike sluts, here's my old Dean with some new decals and some new parts to make me spin nicer.

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hey dude... shoot me a pm about what cross tubies I should get



February 19, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterJared Roy

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