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Friday rain = sloppy Koppy

Ah, the Koppenberg. Not the epic cobbled climb of some of the most famous Belgian one day classics....but a slab of crappy dirt road in lovely Superior CO. That's right! The one by the Target strip mall!

The Koppenberg Circuit Race , put on by Boulder Racing, is this coming weekend. The race goes something like this:

a) Line up.
b) Gun goes off
c) 90 dudes tear ass onto dirt roads after about 100 feet of perfectly good pavement.
d) 1/4 mile later you are elbowing to get into one of the top 15 positions funnelling into the Kopp Climb. Line selection up the world's crappiest 125 foot dirt road is key. Choose wrong and you're humped and hiking it with all those other dudes scrambling to get up the first lap.
e) Assuming step d) was successful, put out 1200 + watts on the climb and get heart rate up to, oh say, 185 bpm.
f) Crest the 150 foot climb with your intestines coming out of your butt and your heart coming out of your throat. Recover? Hell now. Dig infinitely deeper and get on the rivets to gun it and get the gap and get a group going.
g) Repeat steps a-f 6.5 to 8.5 times depending upon your category.

Oh and if you are not in the top 15 in step d), go for a ride around lovely Boulder. Your day is over.
This is by every definition a cyclocross sans barriers.

We should have a good showing this weekend. Not sure if I am in 3's or 35 A's. Probably 3's as we need to get Longman to the line and protect his winning streak. I should be racing so this will be fun with the boys. The training's semi-there but nothing super sharp. I know where I am though which is cool. Last year we got Corey to the line. Can't say that we all played some huge role escorting him around the course. Corey was on another level that day....his breakthrough race if there was one before upgrading to 1-2.

The rains are coming again Friday too which will make this interesting. Frankly, I'd rather ride my cross bike on this sheeit than dirty up my road bike.

GOD I sound like a wuss. I must be getting old and crotchety.

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