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Crappy Koppy

The Koppenberg was reccon'd today. Sorry, no pics. I need to get me a camera phone. Anywhoo, for those of you racing this weekend and are interested, this was my observation to the team this AM after the recon:

The net:net on the course: It B-L-O-W-S

What you all want to hear about is the dirt. So here goes:

  • The front section of dirt is perfect. No issues. Same as always with flat smooth surfaces and little need to find lines.
  • Making the first left apex the section to the wooden bridge is fair with some potting and dried up tracks from trucks. Line selection here becomes more interesting.
  • Over the wooden bridge and past the apex by the tree, still fair.
  • The run in to the Kopp gets shittier. It is here that construction trucks have done their damage haven made erratic turns etc when muddy and now it is dry. Line selection key (if you can find the lines).
  • The Kopp: Horrible. The initial turn up the Kopp now has a nice new ‘feature’: A rain gulch. About a 1.5 feet wide chasm that you can wheelie through if you are good at that.
  • The Kopp climb itself is in fairly crappy condition. Certainly not like in years past where it has been fairly OK with good lines up the right and left. When we were there this AM, we did a run up first which was crappy but ride able. By our 2nd pass, a road grater showed up and started to do some nice damage. Overturning ruts (while trying to smooth them) that actually made things muddier.

With the rains this Thursday and Friday, this is going to be a mess folks IMHO.

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