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Classic Boulder

Ah the warmth of the sun over the last few weeks. Shorts on and the reactivation of my pathetic Belgian tans coming right back after a few long road rides....only to be a teaser. The classic Boulder pattern is back. snow's came back today with 30 degree weather. This'll snowfall and the forthcoming weather will make it nice and crappy for Sunday at the Kopp. I'm going to bring the cross bike. It's got no business being a in a road race with teh 42 x 12/25 but I am not motivated to f up my road bike in what will be a mud bath.

Finally got through the Red Zinger/Coors Classic DVDs. It is rad to see Boulder in the 70's and 80's and I am training on all those epic courses. Sortof looks the same which is cool. I do not think there was a cooler time to be a cyclist. These guys were the sub culture of sub cultures with a boat load of style. If you haven;t checked out these DVD's, you have to.

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