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My new favorite blog

If you have not seen this guy's blog, please do. This guy keeps me in stitches. He's either got mad time on his hands or his site is an uber-passion. I constantly laugh because of the nuances that only a true bike geek can get a cross. I am a also happy to see someone who has the gift of articulation, not just dribble, and he's got crap to talk about in spades.

Check out the post on Matt Kelly from Poprad in '99. Awesome.

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Thanks for reading and enjoying Bobke Strut.

Yes, there's definitely uber-passion involved, although not so much in the way of mad time on my hands lately (unfortunately...). I've been racing for 25 years and there's just an endless well of stuff to write about that I've seen first hand or kept tabs of from spending way too much time online reading cycling sites.

Writer's block hasn't hit yet...I think there's still plenty of material to make public. Thanks again for the thumbs up and stay tuned...


April 1, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterBobke Strut

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