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It must be Friday

Ah, Friday must be here. Life is tough these days and trying to find the Zen in balancing being a great husband, a great dad, a fair to OK cyclist, a great worker bee is tough. It can crack the brain a bit. This whole Belgium thing keeps me focused. Laser guided. It helps me be better all around and generally happier that over the horizon is something special to get me through the tough days.

Every Friday at 9AM MST, I give myself a little reminder. Even when I am in the zone at work, blood pressure raised and general chaos ensuing while managing a big part of the business I work for, this little pop up makes me smile and settles the soul.
I got this idea from Ken's blog. Note the profile. I'm not here to be all touchy feely, but when the shit hits the fan in life, it helps to have a focus point and writing down what you want and reading it often reminds the soul to correct its course toward it.


You are now enlighted.

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