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Glorious. The Republic I thought I lived in is back. Maaaaaybe 5 or 10 degrees warmer but absolutely gorgeous. Sun warming muscles on long rides. Today we had a mass of RM-Izze's show up at Amante. The woman's team showed up in force for Couch's echelon and pace-lining clinic. We helped out for a bit then we split off from the clinic and threw down. We rolled fast for a while and then decided to recon Boulder Roubaix and the course was in great shape. I got the Boonen like visions out there today. Very little mud believe it or not on the course. Longman, Bobby, Hix, Sharpe, and Neeeeequette laid wood on each other. Sorry about all the attacks guys. You helped me get my intervals in and the suffering in the sun was so sweet. Painful yet sweet. Longman, you impressed.

Yesterday in anticipation of this weather, my big man got his upgrade. B-Money Dwight from BCS hooked up my boy with this Scott he's been eye-balling. He, Dwayne....everyone made him feel like a total Rock Star with the pro treatment. The bike was prepped and waiting for him and they had it staged in like the middle of the shop awaiting him right next to a Scott Addict SL and some other eye candy. Rad. Thanks guys.

Of course, with Daddy washing his bikes today apres ride, the boys in the 'hood had to get in on the act. Got to teach 'em young to take care of the equipment (yes I am rubbing of my anal retention uber-young to take care of their sheeit and some day line up ot their races with some of that sparkling fresh bar tape. Mmm. Fresh bar tape).

On the road again this week. Hotel gyms await me and I'll again be attempting to avoid the cocktails with the schmoes who actually enjoy being away from their real lives. I hit my stopwatch when I get on the plane and stop it when I hit DIA.

Reader Comments (2)

greg, i cant ride wiht you unitl i get my haircut. see you shortly. john

March 5, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterRocco

HA! I have a sweet set of shears so bring that 'fro my way beeatch.

March 5, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterGreg

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