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Not to be confused with NAMBLA. I wish I were at the North American Hand Made Bicycle Show back in my 'ol Left Coast home. My boys Mike and Paul are showing their sexcellent wares again this year. Last year Mike unveiled his 9'er to great accreditation (see photo from last year Mike sent me). Mike's billet-ing (note the stays on this bike) is insane and now being leveraged by other frame builders as he is a mechanical engineer and he leverages 3D CAD's to have all parts CNC'd robotically. I wish I were there to support him this year!

I'm sure all you bike sluts have wasted your lunch breaks eyeballing CyclingNews' coverage of the NAHMBS and seen Vanilla bicycles Speedvagon....and it is SICK. It's a 1X1 cross bike but note the details such as the seat post extension to the frame with the canti cable being routed through. So many intricate details. Yummy. Sacha's got to throw some Dugast's with that creamy white sidewall on this beauty though. These Tufo's look bunk. (Photo from

The bike that stole my heart due to it's simplicity is this Richard Sachs. I can't get over it. It is so clean that it is obsessive for me to look at (or rather for me to STOP looking at). I think I want to hump it a little. Hump. hump. (Photo from

I'll continue to day dream for now about hand made bikes.


Hump hump.

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