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JJ's afterburners

Photo ©: Elmar Krings

Ali-jet? Poor bastard is getting smoked after his knee cap crackage in last yours Giro. Getting the royal beat down from Tommeke and just about anyone else who can throw 14 hundy watts for 500 meters. But holy crap in the pants: Herr JJ war wunderbar im Rund um Köln !! JJ is obviously going to land a bigger contract for next year and will have his own JJ-train for sure. Maybe an action figure too. My team mate was the T/U soigneur last year and spoke super highly of this prodigy. I'm stoked to see what unfolds with JJ overseas.

Today was a dramatic difference from yesterday. Snow and piss-ice rain to 60 degrees in sunny. I rolled so nice and easy today to get the legs turning a bit after the viral debacle of the last week or more. It brought smiles. Going to ease the throttle up and end the week with a race and use it for some intensity and see if I can help out a couple-a team mates who are flying these days. Tim'll be comin' down the mountain and we'll roll the B/R.

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