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Yeti CX

Yeti is releasing their production CX frame this July. My team mate Boups has the original pre-production version of this bike that I believe FTW created. Honestly thugh, it may be another one of their stellar welders.

The specs on this are interesting. The CX-specific details 'appear' to be there in terms of top mounted cables, ample clearance on the chain stays to balance large (e.g. 34) sized tires and a single chain ring application with dual guards. This is the bane of many a frame builder's existence. For my tastes, the effective top tube length is too small. I am not a person in the camp of CX bikes being a 1/2 cm or so smaller than your road bike frame. Geometry aside, I do not want to be crawling all over my CX bike nor do I want my stem too long to compensate and totally tweak with the steering. I experienced this with my Felt and my Scott production frames and why I needed to dip outside of the production world to have mine custom manufactured to my road bike effective specs.

They have some interesting bellowing/curving of the top tube for what they say is shouldering comfort. I hope, based upon the various frame sizes, that they had small medium and large people actually port the bike in traditional/dutch (arm UNDER the down tube) and 'Belgian' style (arm AROUND the head tube) and ensure that the bevel in the tube rests comfortably in all positions.

The frame looks hot as all Yeti's do. Glad to see a great American producer adding a CX frame to their production line.

Go HERE for the deets.

Reader Comments (2)

who the "f" do they let build bikes for photos in the promo world? Do any racers actually tip their bars forward and down?

April 26, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterAnonymous

I've got to agree. That stem looks like a chopper....or someone with severe back problems.

April 26, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterGreg

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