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West and weewaxashun

I am realizing that as cool as my small mind makes me believe I am, I am merely the second coming of Elmer Fudd. I am sick again, getting better, but in need of a wittle west and weewaxashun. I worked very hard last week to prep for Sunday only to be wiped out again with a stomach virus which my little boy is still reeling from. Honestly, I just need to get Zen and remember how and precisely where I need to set expectations as an athlete in the realm of precisely WHO I am: Daddy, husband, worker bee. I need to check the psychotic-ness at the door and remember Elmer Fudd and laugh a bit. Newcastle Nut Browns help too.

On another note, it was rad to see my boy Matt Opp in Velonews. He's JHK's lead mechanic and a great friend. This is the guy who built all my CX bikes and wheels and for the length of a season would never require a wrench or truing tool. Sick mechanic. Surgical. His details on his builds are personal from bar tape to cable routing. As a CX-er, he's got the nuances down as well. My Hugi/Open Pro Ceramics he built have never been trued.

More importantly, Matt is a slut for the white gloves and apparel so we get all giddy for this crap.

Anywhoo, gotta get better and stronger this week for Boulder Roubaix.

(Opp and JHK photo courtesy of VeloNews)

Reader Comments (2)

Ha ha, thanks for the Props Greg. Can't wait till cross season again. I got some new gloves!!! I am a search for white sidis in
Europe- I gotta get them to match yours!

April 3, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterAnonymous

Dude. Good luck. I bought all of the surplus white sex (e.g. Sidi dragons of course) up to an including White Russia.

Safe travels man. Get JHK on the podium.

April 3, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterGreg

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