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Love for the mountain bike again

Early morning MTB today before work. Went out with J Fry, Bryan and Stu. Bryan and Stu could probably host their own comedy/reality TV series. Hilarious conversations. My legs were loaded from yesterday and I crept along up the big climbs until the fire in the engine got stoked a bit, but these guys had me in stitches talking of schemes and plans to raise capital for a new "anti-team", riding to races regardless of where they are on same bike, etc etc. Before I knew it we were at the top of some of these monster climbs and drilling it through single track still talking schemes...but trading paint in the corners. Fun.

We did Sunshine to Poorman's to 4 Mile to Logan Mill to Betasso and on home to NOBO. Perfect temps and perfectly tacky ground. I am running these new 2.0 Hutchinson's....bumping down from 2.1 WTB's and I am just not sure about them yet. They were horrible at first this AM hooking up but then I found a rhythm with them. I think ultimately they will be decent for STXC but will pre-ride them at the Research Center a bit to conform. Dialing in the tire pressure too will be something I have to play with.

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