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Politicians backing 'cross

The Mayor of Louisville (KY, not CO) is getting behind the CX objectives in addition to a myriad of other sporting updates called their "recreation corridor". Read more here. Ah, if only the Republic could get past itself.

Reader Comments (2)

aww, come on Greg...

Boulder doesn't need a flipping "rec corridor"! We ARE the corridor...or wait...

we've gotta ride min 30 mins to get on a decent mtb trail.

damn. that sucks.

Ha! Ding! You are correct, sir! My MTB "epic" involves burning 1/2 inch of rubber from my tires riding down 36 to Hall, loop it a couple-a times and burn another 1/2 inch on the way back. Now if only they ("the powers that be") could decide on building that connector from Heil....

"Ooooooh, dream weaver...." Gary Wright circa 1977.

May 29, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterGreg

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