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AJM-Down, but not out!

So for my homies here in Boulder, especially the dudes on our team who are all geekdified on your team deal Specialized Tricross carbons, listen up! Andy Jacques-Maynes (who's brother Ben is tearing it up in the NA scene) was in a fairly hideous wreck at a crit this weekend in CA (Thus why I avoid crits when I can....even in vet pro which supposedly has us being skilled and conservative at our core.....). Why the point about the Tricross above? Because it is he who spearheaded the development of the project and leveraged his obvious talent and experience to develop that bike and bring it to market (can't say I 'love' the "Free Road" thing though...).

A GREAT posting about these brothers from a really great blog (any blogger should aspire to this level of thought "Vanderhoot" puts into his postings...) is a must read about AJM. Vanderhoot is a Bay Area racer and basically is like the information hub on all things road, mountain and 'cross in my old homestead.

Anyway, read this post...and get exposed to some other bike related banter. And when you throw your leg over your shiny new Tricross, put good thoughts out there to get this guy rolling again.

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