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Everybody's workin' for the weekend.

I do NOT know why I just entitled this positing with than, now like a sickness that song is infecting my brain. I'm just stoked Friday;s here. So to assault your senses visually and ensure I am not the only one suffering with this song spinning in my head, behold: Loverboy. Canada's finest export:

Get Some.

OK, back to bikes. Nice lunchtime roll out today to open up for the pain tomorrow and Sunday. The PT is working out. So far so good. All systems go. It is AMAZING to ride your same courses with this method of analysis and seeing first hand that the speeds and tempo you normally ride at...EVEN if you were trying to have a mellow ride....are way different when you see true power. Trying to ride at like 185 Watts is actually...hard! Type A's need not apply....and thus I am happy to now know how I never before would...or could... just chill. This is helping me IMMENSELY in this capacity. Active recovery I guess it's called.

So on this opener today I saw the "mystery Liquigas guy". For non Boulderites (most cycling dudes here in town know exactly who I am talking about), there's this dude who rides the town in full 05 Liquigas kit. Full-up carbon team issue Bianchi, the Liquigas kit, Liquigas arm armers, Liquigas leg warmers and of course no helmet but Liquigas headband. Priceless. In fact, the year before he had the full on Seaco Cannondale, kit, etc (so I guess his contract moved from Seaco to Liquigas too). Now, as a cycling racer...I am even more a cycling my point here is that I could give a crap what you wear, why you wear it. If it's comfy, wear it! Moreover, it's all of us that make the cycling industry go round and get bigger and more popular so if its buying Lance's Trek or Stu O'Grady's CSC kit, go big! It's rad stuff. It's just that this is seemingly such an arrogant guy that I truly think he wants to ensure folks in town think he's a pro or something. For years I see him riding, lift my hand off the bar to wave...even shout across the road "Hey man!". Nothing. No look, no wave....just the "I'm in the zone doin' an interval so I'm way too busy to even look at you in your crappy non pro club team kit" kind of 1000 yard stare. Maybe he's deaf. Dunno. So there he is again today! And this time I am coming up on him. So I just had to kind of do some Magnum PI investigation on him today (in my team kit of course and sans Magnum's mustache and ball hugger shorts...) and ride up under the 'guise' of doing these intervals up to him to see if I could get him to say a peep. So I ride up and past him slowly (waving of course), finish the interval, drift back. Repeat. I wave again...nothing! I JUST truly wanted to see if I could get a conversation going with mystery guy! On one of the passes by him...6 inches away mind you...I say "Howdy!" Nothing. Not a peep. I don't even know why I am writing this but it was hilarious to get nothing out of this guy as an affirmation of the years I've spent waving at him. No soup for you! That's what I say, punk.

Reader Comments (6)

Ya, I've seen the guy. Do the chicks dig him or does he play for a different team or maybe he is European

June 1, 2007 | Unregistered Commenterinfo

i saw him on my way back from carter on sunday. hope he washes that fancy kit now and then. now that you mention it...he's never waved back at me, either!

ok...i must call BS on your "canada's finest export" statement.

canada's finest export, without doubt, is RUSH, my friend. RUSH.

June 1, 2007 | Unregistered Commenterhixson

My sources tell me Italian...but as he's never uttered a word, who the F knows.

Screw all that noise: Triumph. No. 1 Canadian export. I correct myself

June 1, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterGreg

never underestimate the power of going easy my friend.

June 2, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterScott

You are SPOT on brother. I now have a governor that will keep me in check.

June 2, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterGreg

I've seen the guy quite a bit as well. In all fairness- He did slow down once going North on the 36 when I had a flat coming back into town. I couldn't make out what he said but I waved him on since I had Pitstop and was close to home.

I have also seen a CSC decked out guy on an older black Soloist aluminum- no helmet.

August 27, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterNathan Rand

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