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Finito Part deux

Finished up another solid block of climbing mixed with some intensity stuff (e.g. the Short Tracks) and had a helluva lot of fun this week. Za plan is amazing in that it keeps EVERYTHING in balance. Family, work and riding have become a veritable 3 sided sea-saw and all 3 kids are perfectly weighted the same. Nothing is clawing at the other and the stress is way reduced. It's good. It wasn't always like this. Trying to flail at training, life, family, work is bunk and is a recipe for disaster. Predictability to your family and communication of it all is at the core of the success I've found. My lady is way happier and that makes the walls of the home smile.

Yesterday was rad. Went hard with T on this ride. ALL this (below) is within 3 to 3.5 minutes from my house by bike. Sick. T is studying the physiology, pedal stroke, everything as I am doing it so it is amazing to have a friend/coach/supporter in my corner...literally as I am engaged in these workouts. I attacked him on the top of Lee Hill before Deer Trail and threw out 1106 watts for 15 seconds to get the gap which was quite fun if not stupid before he reminded me that I just shot my wad before Deer Trail's slog. Had to be done though. Ride we did is on MapMyRide:Week of slow stuff coming up and I may not be mad about the M & C updates as I have a bunch going on this week. I'll see what I can do at night.

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