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Our sport is art. As much as it is getting on a bike, pedaling, getting off occasionally and finding yourself in the pain cave every Sunday morning, the sport is art. And art is life.

We sold our business today. Private Equity. Many many months of work to prepare, push and close. Ironically, there's tons more work to do as while you sell, you still work and push on. Remember, it's an investment now.

Read backwards in this blog and you'll see themes of stress, grief....OK, I give in: lots of cry-babying on my part. Lots rooted in the woe-is-me patheticness trying to figure it all out. The dad part, the husband part, the athlete part. But mo-fos, I punched a hole in life these last 2 months. Threw the three part tee-totter at it and am making it work. It is so easy to let it spiral and get venomous.

Today, I dipped into the art to help the head. I went to the silent park. Man it's been too long. Meditative. A mental laxative to let the stress drain out of my ears. Perfect. Overcast. No heat. Cool in fact. And just practiced the art. Unclick. Wrap the foot around and through. Glide. Hands in place. One on the hood, one on top tube. Un click. Dance. Wrap back on the bike. On. Clip in, go again. And again. No difference in speed. Blurry to the spectator if done right. No spectators today. Just the art and the cool and the laxative.

Three months until cross and my blood is already boiling for it.

Reader Comments (2)

Word. 3 months and we get to visit that place!

June 27, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterTim

Damn straight, kid.

June 28, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterGreg

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