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Sunshine HIll Climb

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The Sunshine Hill Climb is this Saturday folks. The Fam and I will not be there as we are in Marin with family and friends but this is a special event. When you are suffering up that slog, just remember that you can. Your heart is pounding, your eyes will probably see black. But at the end of it all, you'll smile, probably bitch that you're not "in form", too heavy, need more trianing...whatever. You're alive. Note the photo above. I took this on mountian bike trip in Sedona in 05. That is the face of an angel. Literally and figuratively. It is Noah and every time you see "Prime Time" on the sleeves of our RM Kits, now you will know what it means. Part of your race entry is being transferred by Ira to the Noah Rubright Foundation in his memory. Race hard folks and have a beer afterwards with a huge smile.

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