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Horse cockey

What a week in cycling. I love our sport.

  • QuickStep employees found with hoards of banned substances
  • Frankie "The EPO was for my Dog" VandyB tries to off himself
  • Flandis gets schooled by Shonny (right on!) but the real news is why the F he's even racing.
  • And the piece de resistance: A local Boulder-area cycling CLUB has rumors of 3 of their CAT 4's (that is category 4 as in beginner) using HGH and talking about it....HA! (and I am not joking here). And yes, while I don't want to be at the center of the local sewing circle, I just had to vent this as I about shit myself when I heard it.

What a frigging joke. I don't know whether to race any more or ride for the pleasure. It's embarrassing to have conversations with family, coworkers...basically people in my life that know I race bikes who don't know much about cycling...and have them ask me about all this nonsense and why I bother doing it. And they're getting all their news from the reputable New York Times which is at the top of the news food chain (and thus hard to write off as tabloidism)....and which SLAMS our sport fairly articulately as a total joke. Paramount to WWF.

List of NYT cycling articles here)

OK, I promised I wouldn't politic or posture on this blog, but it's too hard now. What kind of pricks will I be lining up with who are so obsessed with themselves and their egos that they'd dope in the 35 Opens (or Cat 4's as it were...) against a bunch of other worker-bee/dad types. Fast worker be/dad types but COME ON! We're talking about dudes who are out there to let the rage out from their real lives like job pressures, family....whatever....and are there for the total joy of competing weekend in and out doing the best they can (hopefully on bread and water) and not trying to get an edge on a bunch of other old farts for the glory of winning a 24 pack of Gu and some bull shit schwag.

Hang 'em all.

Cheaters suck. You retards should go re-think your pathetic lives.

Reader Comments (3)

dopers suck... I'll be lining up doped up on some new carbon tubies

June 7, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterJared Roy

Dude, no doubt. I dunno what to say any more. I like to work hard at this stuff but when I hear shit like this, it kills me. Trading paint with you, or Faia, or Kiester or whomever brings the juice every weekend for me. I get out what I put in. It is is so much fun. But hearing that some f-ing dweebs are playing grab ass and dosing HGH is gay. Makes me laugh and absolutely want to prevent my sons from even getting hooked on bikes like I did decades ago. I dunno anymore.

June 7, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterGreg


You can hop on my bandwagon, race bikes because you love it, and don't think about what anyone else is on. There are always going to be cheaters, no matter how much they crack down there will ALWAYS be someone somewhere on the juice, and it's sad that the general public only gets that view of our beautiful sport, but a handful, or a bus full of cheaters isn't going to take anything (other than maybe a job or prize money) away from me. I love to ride and I love to race, and I love it even more that I can do it clean, no amount of dope can take that away.

June 14, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterCorey Carlson

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