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Neun und Zwanzig'er

Javolt. The crew in the Bay Area hooked UP the beers and laughs for our family's homecoming. We haven't been back as a family unit since we left in 04 and it was just awesome. Robbie and Joanie hooked up a mad 'que for us to say whatup to all our friends. Thanks R & J!! We rented this awesome little place in the hills around Fairfax (a.k.a. Boulder-West) It was great to see everyone. Miguel came all the way from the 408 to see us. He brought the 29'er frame in tow and it was capital S sick. It is in the process of getting painted (black with some new graphics). Gonna have to pool together some fundage to get this thing together. Looking forward to riding it and giving Mike some feedback.

Mike DID bring me a special surprise though. The single most awesome invention for all mankind:The WiseCracker. Buy one, here or through QBP.

Like butta. "Because Beer can't open itself."

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HA! SICK! That is a solid set of instructions you documented. Your blog about made me crap myself laughing too! HA!

July 2, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterGreg

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