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You go, J Pow

Jeremy Powers getting quoted in an article, Doping Center Stage at Tour de France.

"Pro rider Jeremy Powers, who has twice represented the U.S. at the world cyclocross championships as a member of the Jelly Belly team, sees nothing but positives in the union's pledge.

"Cycling is confronting the problem, unlike baseball and football," said Powers, who was raised in Niantic. "If you look at a guy like Jose Canseco or Barry Bonds, they've had very little consequences for their actions.

"Cycling is the exact opposite. Cycling has really confronted guys, given them bans. Cycling is doing the most testing of any sport. It's terrible to have to go through this, but once the new generation - my generation - starts coming up, it's going to be a new group of racers. We're going to have a different attitude about cheating and winning at all costs."

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