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1999 Bahston SuperCup

Memories. This is some GOOD sheeit! I posted on this guy at Cyclocross Videos before on his amazing collection of super hi-res 'cross video last year, but Gewilli's recent post on the guy's unbelievable collection reminded me to revisit the site and further how i-n-c-r-e-d-i-b-l-e these videos are!

If you watch carefully, the details of 'cross technique come alive in this video. Watching Frank and Mark McCormack get their 'cross on and a young Tim Johnson battling it out against a (possibly high) Pontoni, is great, but you have to step into and observe the details of the race vis-a-vis all the technique going on. Delicious. Watch the transition of the racers through the barriers and run up. For all those dudes at my clinics, this is like a video overture of the remount nuances we drilled over and over...all captured in hi-res. Frank McCormack in particular (my hero if you all want to know) is perfect. Even with old school bar end shifters, he's flawless on his porting. I have followed his style since I watched and raced in the '99 Super Cup in the Presidio ages ago as a B. It was that race and these guys in '99 that made the whole thing click for me by watching that finesse in the midst of all that power.

One particular sequence is maddening. Watch and study this particular part of the course where the riders come down and immediately up into a set of run up barriers. Note Pontoni (and note his white sex...'rockin 'em in '99!) coming in HOT to the planks. Amazing sequence of how NOT to lose ANY momentum. He is grabbing a handful of top tube while still swinging his leg over at a full gallop. I guess that's why he has the stripes on his sleeve. A few seconds later, watch Frank McCormack again. He's slower, but again flawless on the technique. Watch the interesting flick he does with his hand to adjust the cranks to ensure that right crank is in position for his remount. Like I said. Details.

Click HERE to watch the 99 Men's Pro Boston SuperCup and prepare to hold on to your jocky shorts.

Reader Comments (2)

Greg -
Thanks for the great post. I was there and I remember it like it was yesterday. Pontoni brought the pain in an other worldly fashion. I recall he pre-rode the course in a full sex Sella Italia skinny. One lap and then he disappeared resurfacing moments before the start. On the back of the course there was an insane 100 ft. climb and as the race went on the climb became less and less rideable for everyone but Pontoni. He just powered it up every lap. Truly awesome! - RF

September 1, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterRadio Freddy


Hey man! Thanks for the note! You are SPOT ON. My bud and I were talking on a ride a few days ago and he says: "Man, Pontoni was actually grabbing the downtube. You got it wrong." Ha! Indeed, that micro-crosser WAS coming in hot grabbing that down tube.

Yor collection is INSANE! YOU please keep up the awesome work.

'Cross on.

September 3, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterGreg

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