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Finito on the Short Track for 07

The last Boulder Short Track occurred this past Wednesday. It was an absolute throw down. It was "double coupon" night...2x the points for your results so the field was HUGE. The course was the longest of the series with so many tight 180's it looked to suit me and my BMX background. You have to JAM out of those bends to get gaps on folks and it is all about the power output. I lined up next to Sager, Ward and Colby and virtually everyone wanted front row positioning so the front line was like 25 people large (about 15 -20 in the row behind) and all trying to hole shot into a much smaller space.

Becker yelled 3,2,1 go! and it was like a full on motocross start. Braaaaaaaaaaaaaap! Chaos! Dudes bumping, crashing....i literally had my head down and elbows out...not to take people out...but to protect myself! I navigated through the chaos and didn't win the hole shot but was safely in the top 6-8 (I will not be keeping this phat position for long...). Things bottleneck up on 1/2 the first lap into those above mentioned 180 degree sections. Brady Kappius comes flying by me trading paint in this corner and we all back up. I hop off, 'cross style and run as do some other dudes and jump back on. So many dudes on such a tight spot. Crazy! So as the attrition sets in, lap after lap. I am trying to figure out how I feel. I am going SO HARD it is incredible. I am getting near what I put out in CX (not there yet) so am averaging about 172 with spikes at 180. This said, I felt almost sick on the last 2 laps. Literally like "Man, I better stop and sit down" sick. Crazy. If I could graph the night, it's something like this:
So I finished up totally spent, like 24th, worst personal result but still smiling and satisfied where the body is going. Totally different than last year and years prior. I think I was in the mid 20's overall in the A's having done 4 of the 8 races. This husband/daddy/worker can't complain! These mo-fos are FAST!

So as I write this, my reminder pops up like it does every Friday for me at 8AM MST. It makes me smile. It gets my juices flowing for Belgium. My plans are coming together. I got good news yesterday I'll share when 100% confirmed but as it relates to where I'll be staying for the 10 days in Belgium, it'll be total PRO style! Think Transitions2. Dreaming....

Reader Comments (4)

where can I get one of those dope skinsuits?

August 3, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterKen Bloomer

Ah, you like 'em, huh! Ya gots to be an RM'er man!

August 3, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterGreg

Cool! When are you coming to belgium? And let us know when you know where you are staying.

August 4, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterPEANUT

Christine!!! Rad! Thanks so much for the note! I hope you feel my vibes when racing as I am sending them out to propel you through the Belgian mud!

As for the "I'm getting my ass to Belgium...FINALLY!" trip, looks like I am coming in around the 10th of January through Sunday the 20th (my birthday!). The Master's Worlds are the day before in Mol. STOKED! I am working on accommodations as we speak so will let you know or sure in the coming weeks. It's complex getting this all together and trying to do it on a limited budget!

Your note reminds me to finally link your blog! I've done that finally.

I hope you are throwing down the hammer over there representin'.

Talk soon!


August 4, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterGreg

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