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The Wed Morning Cross World Championships...2007 No. 3

We had an awesome throw down at Elks and Research this AM. HUGE turn out. I have pics but my camera's USB crapped out so I have to load the SD card in someone else's and load the pics that way.

More later....

OK, I'm back. Got the camera problem solved. I love standards like the SD card. Just threw it in our other camera and voila!

OK, to the update. So, Elk's was fast. I tried to set a hard first couple of laps for the group and they turned out to be the fastest. We had a split fairly quickly. The Boulder Cycle Sport ~slash~ FIDEA squad was in force. I pulled in in 5th with Dubba, Tuba and Colby taking on everyone. Bastages. Everyone is going well it seems and the mood was full up geeky cross. This sport is for real and people wait ALL year for these mornings are that much more fun with a set of attitudes.

Boulder Research was much slower for everyone. The course was uber rocky and I just personally rolled a bit. I gots me my efforts in for the day.

The engine felt capital G great this AM. More rest and small tuning and then here we go season!

Digital Celluloid:

VeloNews's own Matt P
Colby P
Some of the crew...

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