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Dead F-ing Last No. 1

Dillon an the DFL crew launched their 13th annual cross training series. Man oh man oh man do I miss these. Wear a dress (see Brian in post below) and you race free. It's unsanctioned and fast and beautiful and core.

Evan sent me the link to photos of the first race. Looks like all the usual suspects were there again. I miss these folks. This scene. Here in Boulder, things are pretty frickin serious. I mean, go to a Cat 4 race and 3 rows deep you have guys who can win a Cat 3 race with little problem. Crazy. DFL keeps this whole community absolutely core. The racing is super fast but hilarious. I had a my first breakthrough moment at one of these DFL's years ago when I knew I could hang. If you are in SF on random Wednesdays or a Saturdays in the early season, and if you can find the race as it's underground, you should get your dress on and get involved. These are beautiful souls. It's here that 'cross is kept alive as it should be.

Reader Comments (2)

No doubt! No one is beating Absalon but it was good to see Sven mixing it up. 16th @ 3min back is nothing to put your tail between your legs for. Look at the state of our US guys. Like cross, it looks like those guys need to go overeas to get that type of speed in their legs. It ain't happening over here racing in the states.

September 9, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterGreg

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