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Za Trip: Tuesday January 15th - A wet rest day in Amsterdam

Place: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Super brief report for today as we are on a total rest day. Back on it tomorrow but the boys became zupa-tourists today.

We got on the road from Blauberg to Amsterdam about 10 bells in utterly classic Northern European weather. Tree-bending wind and rain. No wonder why the folks who live and train here are some of the best cyclists.

We arrived in Amsterdam, found parking fairly close to the center (a rarity...) and donned our rain coats. By 50 meters were were getting damp but the spirits were high. KP and Dubba have never seen the city before so we had smiles as we navigated around all the tight canals, ancient crooked buildings settling after 100's of years, the Red Light District's sad state of affairs for sale in its windows, and so on.

The weather was atrocious but we found are way around, hitched rides on the tram like vagrants and finally found our way to a pub and had some food to warm us up and some dark beer to fill the gullet.

Here's some digital celluloid to give you a bit of a view on the day.

All bundled up against the sideways blowing rain
We came across this RAD custom townie bike builder who had frames for about everything....
...including first class transport for your kids.
Amsterdam, mon. No. we are no longer in college so cafes were reserved for coffee today, not cannabis.
Raindrops wailing as we traversed the canal networks to get a taste for the city.

Up tomorrow, the Wednesday AM Worlds, International Edition. We're going to have a little bit of a throw down at a nearby park in Tangerlo, home to a recent cross race as well as Dave Hixon's (and my) favorite brews.

Lastly, GET WELL MOM!! Proud Mom just had knee surgery so put a thought out to the strongest woman on earth as she gets herself some pain relief from some over used knees.

Living the dream.


Reader Comments (3)

Yeah, right, coffee. I know, Moms is watching. ;-> Glad you're having a blast, Greg.


January 15, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterAnonymous

Greg- awesome posts .. I'm not in " college " anymore either !!Keep living the dream- RSTEVE Colorado USA

January 15, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterRSTEVE

Hi greg

if you want to read more about Belgian beer
check out this blog
the lady is trying to taste al the belgian beers

about leuven

try the food at the werf hogeschoolplein 5


January 15, 2008 | Unregistered Commentergeert

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