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Dubba's last Chocolate, Waffles...

...and Cross article from za Motherland never showed up on the production VeloNews website. It is however on their new beta site. Weird.

Chocolate, Waffles & 'Cross: Bye-bye, Belgium

Article Extras

It’s rather comical how meticulously I pack my bikes and gear for a big race trip, such as this recent adventure to Belgium. Everything is cleaned, wrapped, folded, and hermetically sealed, then put in its perfect place.

However, on the return leg of trips such as this one, it’s a different story.

I just finished packing my bikes and gear for the long trip back to the States following my last cyclocross race of the 2007-08 season, and basically it looks as though a bomb exploded in my bike case and duffel bag. I pity the person at airport security who inspects my duffel bag, which has been stuffed to the gills with dirty cycling clothes, wet socks and muddy shoes. At the end of an epic week of slogging through thick Belgian mud, my luggage weighs about 10 pounds more than when I left. Although, it might have something to do with all the Belgian chocolate I am bringing home.

Continue reading za rest here....

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