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ON TEST!: The TRP EuroX Carbon Brake Set ..on the bike and first tries

So the TRP Carbons have been set up and ready to go. Due to the time constraints of working and trying to prep for the trip, Mike and Dwayne and Boulder Cycle Sport got these on and ready for me in a day. After the trip, I plan on disassembling then re-mounting to see how easy they are but there is truly NOTHING to the install. Just slide on the posts, set the tension spring pin win the guide hole and tighten down to the correct torque.

I did however personally swap out the aluminum pads for the carbon pads and got a chance to pre-ride them albeit briefly. They are nice and gummy, the way I like them with little to no chirp/chatter or squeal against the FSA 488's surface. The previous pads used (SwissStop yellow carbon compound) were similar albeit not as smooth as the cork pads the TRP's come with.

The brief pre-ride proved that the pads and the arms (along with the killer set up the BCS boys provided) allowed for really nice/gradual modulation the way I prefer it. I don't want grabbiness at teh beginning of the stroke...only when I really pull those levers to the bar. That's what they felt like. We'll see how they work when I get some holy mud and gunk on them!

The TRP EuroX Carbons

The steed ready for boxing-up then battle.

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