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Boulder Cup Day 2 - Rob O'Dea's most excellent elite photos

Stunning. I raced these courses here in Boulder (my report coming soon!) and when I see Rob's photos he so kindly shared with me to share with you, I am BLOWN away by our scenery here in the Bubble. It was an amazing two days of racing, the VeloNews party on Saturday night and seeing/catching up with old friends...

Enjoy Rob's pics for now. And as if I have to say this, the pictures were submitted to me in good faith from Rob so all copyrights are my home boy's!

Amy gettin' on it...

Rachel clearly not affected by the 5,500 ft of thin air.

Ball game, Georgia.

Mini Phinney 'crossing. Honestly, home boy should look out for 14 year old Yannik Eckmann who started in the junior elites....2 minutes behind the Cat 3's wave and ended up passing EVERYONE and beating all the 3's by what I heard was more than a minute. Jeebus.

TJ taking it...even after my man sliced his finger open on a beer last night at the party. A hard man from Belgium, er ah Mass, for sure.

Barrier work.

Todd Wells. Got to meet this white sex shoe wearing Durango-ite after all these years of enjoying his game.
Jesse railing it.

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