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Home from KC! Race Report Tomorrow...

Sports fans: We're FINALLY back from KC! Ward, Boups, Longman and I spent 11 hours getting back in thankfully cold yet clear driving conditions tolerating each others inexplicable gas, surfing YouTube on a AirCard'ed laptop searching for something Longman assured us was funny and had something to do with cake and farts, and eating unbelievably bad food in celebration of the season being over. I'll do a complete report for you tomorrow with TONS of pics I still need to sort through. For some reason, my race shots are all reminiscent of me in this (familiar) position:
I had a hemorrhoidal version of a bike race Saturday as you will see. But I promise I won't cry on your shoulders. The beer flowed like wine afterward so all was made good. All was good. All is good.

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Greg - Too bad we missed each other at Nationals, someday our paths will cross again.

Keep up the awesome inspiration!!


December 16, 2008 | Unregistered Commentereforendo

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