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Mixing the tubular gene pool

Now here is something you don't see every day! My dear friend Michel, an old friend of Dubba's whom I was introduced to last year on our trip to za Motherland, sent me some spy photos. Yummy. Now, if any of you have seen Transitions 2, you know Michel is a master mechanic (especially when he tweeeeeaks Kashi's rear derailleur hanger in his garage by hand...creeeeek. Remember that! Ha!) but our boy Michel knows his equipment. He blew me away with his knowledge and advice during our mini campaign last January. He let us try some very rare custom made FMBs for the beach sand at Worlds last year and now, working with FMB, has come up with another sweet concoction: Challenge Fango's glued to FMB casings. Boing!

The Challenge casings are good out of the box...but FMB's are not unlike Dugasts.....suppleness on the extreme side. This pattern and those casings are likely 'ta die faw'. Reports on the Fangos this weekend here on the super slippery CO courses were great. I'm still waiting to try 'em out! But Michel, I'll promise to come back soon to try 'em out on the sweet Belgian peat I long to kiss again...

Enjoy these pictures with your coffee this AM:

And lastly, here is Michel himself railing it this past weekend in Limburg. Michel is a guy, readers, who I have on video mixing it up with Sven Nys and the rest of the Flahutes. Give 'em hell Michel!

Long live mud.

Reader Comments (2)

A morning run a cup-o-joe and reading cross. A good way to start a morning.

December 2, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterRobert (xcskimt)

This is truly the way forward! Last year I got Francois to make up some Rhino tread FMBs using the green latex SP casing. Beautiful, and weatherproof. He also did an old Green Michelin clincher tread on SSC casing for me too. Best front tire ever?

Loving the blog, though here in NW England there isnt too much high-fiving after our League races, just a quick chat in gruff Northern vernacular! Alan

December 3, 2008 | Unregistered Commentercrossjunkie

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